Tug The Table

Tug The Table
Tug The Table is a game made by Royale Gamers. Tug the table to get your opponent on your side of the line. Play against the computer or against a friend in this fun one-button game.

This is a simple funny competitive game. Yes, though it looks funny, it really a competitive game...
Blue and red colors are the classical character pairing from a very early time. There are two little people in blue and red in color.
The only things you need to do is handling one of them, and pull another one over the white line.
People will lost if he over the white line. Yes, that is simple. As for those lose their head during the drastic progress of the game, we are not in charge of them...
If you want to win in the tug game.The table you tug the sooner the better. Much fun! Enjoy!

Developer: Tug The Table is made by Royale Gamers
Release game Date: June 2019
Platform: Web browser and Android (desktop and mobile)

- A fun tug the table game with unique physics
- You can play in 2 different game modes, solo, 2 players
- Randomly generated maps
- Customizable settings to suit your play style
- A multiplayer mode to compete against worldwide opponents.

Press up arrow key or W to tug the table.